Master's Theses

The MEng Program is concluded by writing a Master's Thesis with an applied character. Below we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the topics of all completed Master's Theses.

Detailed information on the Master's Theses and the full text versions of those not restricted from public use are available here >>


Christian Bartl | 2012

Vivid Architecture. Approach to a definition and design proposal of an adequate project

Claire Braun | 2012

Membranes for Bad Fischau

Andrei-Dragos Dumitrescu | 2013

Urban Billboard Tower design of a multipurpose lightweight structure

Axel Eckerbom | 2012

How to Efficiently Communicate Membrane Lightweight Structures in the Swedish Market

Saqib Fazal | 2012

Design of a Grid Shell structure with fabric formed concrete panels

Mario Giraldo | 2012

Design Parameters of Membrane Structures and Their Influence on Costs Discussion of design parameters in the design phase and evaluation by means of geometry studies

Miklós Halada | 2012

Design of a bending cantilevered retractable funnel umbrella

Ismail Sariay | 2013

A Mechanical Tent Design for Disasters

Slaveyko Todorov Slaveykov | 2013

Design and Developement of a new kind of "smart" electro conductive snow melting membrane for lightweight structures

Thomas Stabauer | 2012

Glued PTFE Membrane

Urs Stalder | 2012

Membrane Structures in Switzerland

Leslie Taylor | 2013

Double-Leaf Membrane Facades: Reshaping the Existing Tall Building's "Wind Shadow" to Improve Airflow within Urban Geometry

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